Most of my jobs involve working with some feature limited and somewhat annoying issue tracking systems. The notifications about issues haven’t caught up to recent times and still rely on emails. As you can probably imagine, my inbox gets filled with these pesky notifications of changes that most of the time, don’t even apply to me. Without modifying the issue tracker code or creating a custom plugin, I thought there had to be a way to solve the problem…

Introducing Juxtapose, the glue between incoming webhook services and outgoing notification services.

Github project: jc21/juxtapose

The goal was to create a self-hosted web app with enough intelligence to only inform me of the things I want to know. The interface allows users to define their own notification rules for the specified events. It even allows the user to choose a template for the notification. Juxtapose comes with some predefined templates but also gives admins the power to create their own.

Why not just use an existing hosted service like IFTTT? Simple answer: security.

Intellectual property is a big deal. By allowing companies to host their own internal tool like this, it keeps the web traffic of sensitive information confined.

The easiest way to get started is with Docker. See the Github project for instructions.